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How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

There is no guarantee that your much needed vacation or business trip will be bed bug free.  However, there are a few things that you are absolutely in charge of and that’s probably why you are here and taking that first step in How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel and Your Hotel Room!

The surefire way to discount any close encounters with this nasty pest is to avoid booking your vacation with any lodging facility where there have been any recent and substantiated bed bug reports.  Nowadays, this could be a long list depending on what part of the country/world you are vacationing to.  You can do the easy research for any bed bug activity and/or history on where you are planning to stay using the Bed Bug Registry online.  If a problem has been reported and is recent, I would then recommend a telephone call to the hotel management for verification and/or if the problem is ongoing or has been squared away.

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

In Avoiding Bed Bugs in your Hotel Room, you packed your luggage items with great care to prevent bed bugs from joining you while enroute to your favorite destination. You may have also researched your hotel of choice online for any history of bed bug infestations where you will be staying. Bed bugs are notorious hitch-hikers and can be picked up in your baggage from a variety of places such as luggage storage rooms in airports, the overhead of the plane itself or the trunk of a taxi-cab.

I also provided you with additional ideas on some very useful tools that you can pack along and protect your luggage with to discourage any unwanted visitors from joining you during your travels.  These items are a great deterrent in keeping your luggage free of bed bugs.  There are a few more things that can be easily accomplished prior to and after checking into your hotel room and it is my hope that the following guidelines will assist you in keeping your vacation, bed bug free!

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Checking into your Hotel Room & Before you Unpack: If possible, arrange for an early check-in at your hotel. This will give you some time to properly look for any bed bugs in your hotel room before unpacking and climbing under the covers.  If you are unsure of How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel, then read-on! Its really pretty easy and with a little practice, you can really increase your odds of a bed bug bite free vacation!

If you must bring the luggage into the room and prior to your inspection, bag it with a Big XL Bed Bug Bag and then place it in the bathtub. Your purse or light luggage items can be hung from the curtain rod or clothes hanger to keep off of the floor, luggage rack or any other furniture items until you complete your inspection.

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

I read a article on a very reputable site this past week that advised hotel guests to elevate their luggage off of the floor while inspecting their room for bed bugs. This is very wise advice. However, in the very next sentence the author recommended that guests place their baggage on the luggage rack while performing their examination of the room. This is definitely not advisable while you are inspecting for bed bugs in your hotel room unless the luggage rack is entirely made of metal.

The fold-out luggage holder/stand that is often found in hotel rooms is a common harbor-age area for bed bugs. (Those made of cloth/canvas fabric materials and wood) This pest will often be found between the folds of the canvas type material and the frame of the luggage stand. And especially those made of bamboo, wicker or any other wood type-materials. You can easily fold the stand to relieve tension on the frame and use your flashlight to inspect the crevice and void areas between the frame and supporting fabric or canvas. (Some hotels-motels have gone to all metal luggage racks in their rooms which will certainly mitigate the chances of you picking up any unwanted pests.)

Please enjoy this short video for more on How to Inspect your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs.


How to Properly Examine Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

You are looking for and hopefully not find, black excrement spots/stains about the size of a small apple seed or smaller. In the event of an infestation, you may also discover some cast skins left behind while it is undergoing one of its many molting phases. The cast skins will appear from an opaque off-white to very light tan in color. If you locate any live specimens, then obtain a sample to report to a member of the hotel management team. You can do this with a piece of scotch tape. Just stick it to the evidence sample and fold in half.

By following these methods anyone can find out how to look for bed bugs in a hotel.

  • Pull back each and every corner of all sheets from the mattress and use your flashlight from your bed bug travel kit to carefully inspect between/under/behind all of the seams of the mattress. This is especially important at the head of the mattress. Also, include the four corners on the bottom side of the mattress into your hotel room inspection.
  • Inspect behind the head board very carefully for any blood smears or stains. You will want to examine between the cracks/crevices of the frame and headboard where they join together if possible. This parasite is quite small and flat in its body characteristics  and are often found on the bottom side of the headboard.  The Bed Bug Life Cycle has many phases to it and all life-stages need to be eliminated to completely get rid of this pest.
  • You will also need to examine any bed-side furniture items, the dressers and all of its drawers. Pull the drawers out and inspect behind them and in the rail/slide parts of the dresser.
  • Any wall areas beside/behind the bed and/or nightstand will need looking at carefully for fecal matter. Especially, if the walls have overlapping wall paper that the seams have become loosened where the paper joins together.
  • Any periodicals or other paper literature to include the often undisturbed telephone book in the bottom drawer of the nightstand, can and will harbor bed bugs. You can thumb through any of these materials fairly quickly while searching for bed bug activity.
  • Look behind any wall hangings in your hotel room and especially near the head of the bed.
  • Thoroughly examine all bedside alarm clocks or other electrical gadgetry. Many of these devices are attached to the dresser or nightstand semi-permanently these days and will need a closer look. You can use your flashlight to look between the bottom edges of the alarm clock or TV and once again, you will be looking primarily for any fecal matter or blood stains near the device. Any electrical components will need to be examined as well.  They are very important as the electrical outlets provide some of the warmth and quiet shelter that bed bugs seek.
If any suspect bed bug activity is found during your inspection, then alert a member of the hotel management team and take it from there. Also, alert them to the fact that you now know how to check for bed bugs in a hotel room!  Be as thorough with your findings as you were with your inspection of the hotel room and you will prevail with any hotel staff attempting to suppress your findings!


How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

If you decide to stay and re-locate to another room, then it is advisable to stay away from adjacent rooms on either side as well as immediately above and below the infected room whenever possible. Many times this pest will have entered the room via other guests and are isolated to the one room. However, they can and will migrate to adjoining rooms when flushed out and/or carried out.


If you are bitten or have any rash like symptoms, then alert your hotel management team and document everything!

If you are still checked in at your hotel when any symptoms of bed bug bites or rash occur, then collect a specimen if at all possible to show to management.  Having a dead or alive specimen in hand is assuredly worth its weight in gold when stating your case to the hotel management!

Unfortunately, some will have more adverse reactions to a bed bug bite than others. Some people will have very little reaction to a bite and it may not occur for days, if at all. And others may have an adverse allergic reaction and may require some form of medical attention. The symptoms simply vary from person to person and this will sometimes make it very difficult to always pin down exactly where you may have been bitten and even what may have caused the bite or rash to begin with.

A couple of good sites to view on this subject are and  Just type in “bed bug bites” into their search bar and take it from there.  Checking for Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room gets easier and with a little persistence, you can save you and your family a heap of heartache and possible bed bug treatments for you and your home in the event that you happen to transport any of these parasites home with you.

Before checking out of your hotel room, please remember to inspect and pack your luggage items with the same care as you did before going on holiday.  Also, any of your Bed Bug Laundry Bags or Bed Bug Sealed Luggage Liners will need to be secured to keep any unwanted pests from hitch-hiking home with you.  Avoiding Bed Bugs in a Hotel is not tough stuff after you have completed a handful of quick bed bug inspections.  And keeping your vacation away from home bed bug free can truly begin with sound a sound Bed Bug Prevention plan in your Home.

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