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How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

Learning How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels is not difficult with some advanced trip planning and a little bed bug prevention TLC!  This one small step in bed bug awareness will be a victory for you.  And your family will thank-you later as you head out the door for some fun in the sun or a mountain getaway! However, waking up with bed bug bites or rash like symptoms on your body is probably not what you signed up for.  You and your family have planned all year long for this getaway and researching bed bug bite treatments was probably not part of your game plan.  Bed bugs will absolutely flourish in settings with a high guest turn-over rate. It does not matter if your stay is at a roadside motel, a quaint hideaway bed-and-breakfast or a luxurious five star resort. If you are not pro-active in your trip planning, then your stay away may become a memory that you would just as soon forget. If you have any concerns on how to avoid bed bugs in hotels and your hotel room, then you should find the guidelines below beneficial in keeping your next vacation or business trip, bed bug free!

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How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels and Your Hotel Room

Before booking your trip with your agent or reserving your accommodations on your own, you can check with the online to assist you with your preparations. It is a wonderful site to easily research and educate one-self on any bed bug activity that may have been reported at your hotel or resort of choice.

Remember that cleanliness of the room is not a issue with this pest as it does not care where it gets its meal. This pest is a super hitch-hiker and can make its way into a high-end luxury resort just as easily as a roadside hotel and simply does not discriminate between the two. Preventing Bed Bugs at Home Part 1″, for more on how this parasite gets around.

You may want to take a peek at any user reviews of said hotel and its location, especially in the southern climates. This can be easily accomplished by typing into Google search the “name of the hotel/motel + bed bugs” to get more information on said establishment. A really good site that you may wish to view on how to avoid bed bugs in hotels and any hotels that have had issues with bed bugs where you may be staying is bed bug  Often enough, guests that have had issues with this parasite will report the event online. Any events reported may or may not have already been dealt with and it may be a good idea to communicate with someone from the management team directly before hitting the road.

Bed Bug Luggage Protection While Traveling

I have learned how to avoid bed bugs in hotels by inspecting and disinfecting my luggage before leaving the house. A bed bug can survive for a great deal of time between meals and it is always a good idea to ensure that you haven’t picked up any unwanted pests in your luggage items from previous trips.

  • Pack a bed bug travel kit! Why purchase one online when YOU can create your own traveling inspection kit quite easily from just a few basic household items. It will be a effective, yet very simple tool used to inspect your hotel room before settling in for the night. You can view “Bed Bug Inspection at Home Part 1″ in the “Helpful Bed Bug Inspection Tools..,” section for more on this subject.  I have often been asked How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels and my Hotel Room and the simple answer is performing a really good inspection of your home (especially on your luggage items) prior to and after traveling.


  • How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

    Bed Bug Luggage Liner

    Line your luggage items with a bed bug sealed luggage liner. This liner has many wonderful uses and will serve you well as a good deterrent against this pest from setting up home in your wardrobe while traveling. Remember that this pest travels well and could easily enter your luggage from the trunk of a taxi-cab or in the baggage holding area, if traveling by train or bus. If you are flying, then your luggage will undoubtedly come in contact with other travelers belongings that may be harboring this parasite. Airport baggage holding facility’s and cargo holds serve as gateways for this pest to move around freely and your luggage liner will keep them out of your clothing articles. After checking in, your luggage liner can also be utilized to line the drawers of the dresser in your hotel room.  How to avoid bed bugs in hotels begins with keeping bed bugs out of your luggage while traveling to your destination(s).


  • How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

    Bed Bug Dissolvable Laundry Bags

    Pack bed bug dis-solvable laundry bags. This is a very inexpensive, safe and easy to use item to keep soiled laundry items from having direct contact with hotel room floors. Also, if any bed bugs have gotten into your clothing articles, then these laundry bags will keep them from spreading throughout your home at the return of your trip.  Simply drop the entire bag and its contents into your washing machine and wash at the highest temperature possible for at least half an hour before doing the same on the dry cycle.  One effective way on how to avoid bed bugs in hotels is to avoid bed bugs at home by being as proactive as possible in your bed bug prevention efforts!


How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed Bug Proof Fabric Laundry Bags

Use bed bug proof fabric laundry bags. This top quality laundry bag has a life-time warranty and is a reusable solution to keeping these critters out of your laundry while traveling. This laundry bag has been entomologist tested and is machine washable. Any bed bugs that may have gotten into your laundry prior to bagging them will remain within the reinforced laundry bag until time to wash and dry them. This will keep this pest from spreading and/or multiplying in other areas of your home on return from your trip.  How to avoid bed bugs in hotels is not limited to the hotel room.  If you are using a in house service or are using shared services while on vacation, then your clothing may be at risk to this pest.  Control what you can in your temporary environment and secure/separate your articles of clothing!


Remember, that Hotels and College Dormitories are among some of the more frequently troubled settings in which bed bugs reside and flourish. All that has been covered here in how to avoid and check for bed bugs in hotels can also be applied in a general sense to the increased activity of bed bugs in our schools and associated housing facilities and college dormitories.  This is due in part to the close quarters typically associated with them, high occupancy and guest turn-over ratios.  The sheer volume of people simply coming and going into these establishments for work and study alone is a tremendous opportunity for this pest to come and go as it pleases.


In How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel, I will provide you with more helpful tips when checking into your hotel room and what to do before unpacking your suitcase and climbing under the covers.  I will also cover in detail on what to look for while you are inspecting your room and how to perform your hotel room bed bug inspection.  In addition, you will get good advice and bed bug prevention steps you can take should you find any bed bug activity during this process.

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