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Bed Bugs and Disease – Do Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

Bed Bugs and Disease – Do Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki

A common question for bed bug bite victims and the medical community alike, is finding the answer to the relationship between Bed Bugs and Disease.  Bed Bugs are a notable irritant and a great adversary in the world of biting insects.  While a bed bug bite is annoying to many people in the sense of some physical discomfort, it has been reported that others have suffered from emotional distress.  Certainly, they are worthy of their importance within the confines of the hotel and motel industries, respectively.  However, introduce this parasitic insect into our home, apartment complex or school dormitory, and our immediate concerns will assuredly elevate.

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You are absolutely encouraged to educate yourself with a basic foundation of the bed bug life cycle, its biology, a bed bugs feeding habits and their association with your home, apartment or vacation stay overs.  Students, in their travels abroad, should also be inspired to learn the basics about this “hitchhikers” habits and how this parasite can affect your home.

Bed Bugs and Disease may be linked to how they feed

Bed Bugs require a warm-blooded host in order to survive and reproduce.  The consequence of the bite itself varies among its human hosts. Usually some itching will occur at the bite area.  And eventually, red welts will materialize near the affected area as well.  It has been reported that most bite victims will usually notice these rash like symptoms within a day or two.  And others may awaken with bite symptoms immediately following a night time encounter with this pest.  Typically, the bed bug bite itself is not felt in the physical sense while the bed bug is feeding.  However, the psychological discomfort that accompanies these bites can be overwhelming.  Substantial loss of blood may occur where there are areas of large infestations incurring heavy feeding.  Of special note would be to the young and malnourished.


Do Bed Bugs Transmit Disease?

Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki
Bed Bugs and Disease

There are numerous agents of human disease that have been found in bed bugs.  At this time, bed bugs and disease would include an array of viruses, protozoa and other associated bacteria as well as  parasitic worms.   However, there is no evidence to suggest that bed bugs are transmitters of  these agents through their bite.  This would include HIV and the hepatitis B virus.  While this  parasite is indeed a carrier of at least 27 reported agents of human disease, none of these  agents reproduce and multiply within the bed bug or survive for any significant length of  time.  For more on bed bugs and disease, bed bug bites and how bed bugs may be vectors for disease, take a peek at  Bed Bugs and MRSA – Do Bed Bugs Transmit Disease.


Bed Bug Bites and Relief from the Itch!

If you have suffered from bed bug bites or have bed bug bite symptoms and/or a bed bug rash, you can go here for some handy home solutions in treating bed bug bites, associated bed bug symptoms as well as skin care for those ugly marks and scars.  You will find quick access to some great resources, very applicable and user-friendly tips, home remedies, a symptom checker and hopefully for you, a fix and some quick relief from the itch caused by bed bug bites and stopping any infections initiated by Bed Bugs and Disease!

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